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Mitigating the risk of brute force login compromise using Redis cache in ASP.NET Core Identity

Any application that requires user authentication must take adequate steps to protect the user accounts for which it is responsible. This includes correctly handling workflows such as proper password hashing and storage, providing feedback that doesn't disclose information useful to an attacker, providing means for password reset, etc. The ASP.NET Core Identity membership system provides much of this functionality out-of-the-box, using tried and tested implementations that avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. It is an excellent platform on which to build when developing your application's authentication system. ASP.NET Core Identity provides a means of mitigating brute force login attempts through user lockout. After a configurable number of failed login attempts, a user's account is locked for a period of time. Both the maximum number of attempts, and the lockout period, are configurable. While this is certainly a valid strategy, it does have some weaknesses: The syst